Magazine Casa & Mercado

Sandra Leise, Publisher at publishing house Editorial Magazine, invited Gautio to develop a new graphic design project for their most important magazine, to celebrate its 10th anniversary. As a segmented publication in the design and decoration market, we had to face some challenges. We only had 3 months to create, develop and finalize the work, to train their team and launch the magazine; to modernize its layout; to define a pattern that would be easy to execute while complying with the magazine’s internal culture, balancing spaces between advertisers and editorial materials, and valorizing both areas... a lot of things at the same time, and we loved the result, and today almost 7 years later, few things have changed in the magazine, and thanks to that work we took part in the 9th Graphic Design Biennale, which was in itself a great reward to us because only 20% of applications were finally invited to that event.