Marisa Ota is one of the greatest references and authorities in Brazilian design. That talented graphic designer and curator owns a wonderful store at the Tomie Ohtake Institute and also heads the Paralela Gift fair, one of the most important design fairs in Brazil. The event has become known for launching national designers and highlighting important contemporary brands. We’re proud to have taking part in that brilliant history, by developing a website, catalogues, ads and invitations for the Paralela Gift fair.

Brazil S/A      

Brazil S/A is an action held every year in Milan (Italy) during the most important design fair in the world. Imagine what it meant to us, who love design, to take part in that national event in the design capital of the world. Nobody can put up with us, not even ourselves! We were responsible for creating a website, social media tools, signaling materials, magazines and many different printed and digital pieces. We worked with renowned designers and stage designers, such as Marko Brajovick, and important entities, such as export agency Apex-Brazil. We coordinated the printing of magazines in Brazil and in Italy, for 3 months before the event. The final result was brilliant: Brazil S/A welcomed more than 10 thousand international visitors and concentrated the largest circulation of Brazilian design target audiences in a single location.

Casa &

Sandra Leise, a Publisher at publishing house Editorial Magazine, invited Gautio to develop a new graphic design project to celebrate that magazine’s 10th anniversary, which is their most important publication. We had to overcome many challenges: In just 3 months we had to create, develop and finalize the publication, in addition to providing training to their art team and launching the magazine; More than modernizing the layout of pages, we defined an easy-to-execute pattern by complying with the magazine’s internal culture. And we managed to balance advertising and editorial spaces, valorizing both areas. It involved a lot of changes and the result, a huge success, can still be seen today, almost 7 years later. Thanks to that work, we were invited to take part in the 9th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennale. We were very proud of taking part in such an important event, considering that only 20% of applications were given such a privilege.